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Messages From Our Clients


Steve Wyman - Cosmetic Dentistry in Tallahassee FL


I haven't been pain-free in my mouth for 30 years - until today.

I always had teeth problems, and a lot of tooth and gum decay. I had constant toothaches that were extremely painful. There were times when I was gobbling up Ibuprofen. I also had a couple of teeth missing in the back, and my appearance was a little jaded. But with mouth reconstruction, Dr. Willis was able to take away all the pain. He reduced all the pain and gave me a nice smile, a nice set of teeth - what a difference! It's been incredible.

- Steve Wyman, Pastor New Covenant Church
Terry Yon - Cosmetic Dentistry in Tallahassee FL


As a pharmacist, nothing is more important to me than good health. So when I wanted a total mouth reconstruction, I sought the best in the business.

I wore braces some years ago, had old fillings with old material, and experienced some teeth stains and alignment problems with my jaw. I was ready for a change, so I researched dentists in Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Tampa. But I found what I was looking for right here in Tallahassee with Dr. Willis. He was very caring, knows all the latest treatments and adjustments and I got quick results. It's absolutely amazing what he did. I was so delighted that I didn't have to go out of town. We're lucky to have him in the Tallahassee area. He delivers what he says he does.

-Terry Yon, CEO of TYA Pharmaceuticals